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The goal of the Domus Academica Centre for African Research and innovations (DA CARI) is: to grow into a regional centre of distinction which provides quality development research and innovations services that will facilitate the achievement of the Millennium Development Goals in Africa.


DA CARI’s mission is: To be a concentration of research active academics who share common research and professional interests in development research and innovations, as well as: to be an academic focal point where the level of performance and dynamism is beyond that of standard African Researchers.

The Domus Academica Centre for African Research and innovations (DA CARI) is an independent Non-Governmental Organization that has its headquarters in Kampala, Uganda, East Africa. It is a high quality research and innovations centre conducting several development research activities and training prospective researchers and academics in different education fields. Despite the fact of its registration in 2013, the Centre has been academically active since 2001 and has been operating in the form of a group of academics sharing and implementing common research and professional interests.

Popular Topics


Enthused and urged by love and fervour, DA CARI endeavours to animate Africa through theoretical and applied academic services of researchers.


Development Ethics;
Human Rights and Millennium Development Goals;
Religion and Philosophy;
Health, HIV and AIDS;
Child Rights and Youth’s Reproductive and Health Rights;
Environmental Protection and Climate Change

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